Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pizza Giotto

Here at the Sanctum, the Tiny Leader and the Darling Leader both frequently demand to be fed that ambrosia universally beloved by tiny cult leaders, pizza. Whenever the Chief Acolyte informs me that the supplies are low, I spring (ok, actually I need about 30 minutes to warm up both myself and the oven so maybe it's more like lurch) into action, and produce crisp, thin, slabs of pizza in about 25 minutes. All of this is accomplished through the good offices of my trusty sous-chef, Trader Giotto. The attached video shows the entire process compressed into about 4 minutes. A note on the oven time. I usually just use my nose. When it starts smelling like pizza, I look at it. If it basically looks done except the edges are a little pale, I know it's time to spin it. About a minute or two after that, the edges should be lightly golden and the pizza is done. Exact times in my oven @475 are 2.5 minutes, then turn the pizza and then bake for 2 minutes more.